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Quick and efficient, really good job - Mike E, UK

03 MK1 TT complete cluster failure. After many a search I was recommended this company. Customer service was fantastic! The repairs were faultless everything works. No issues sending to them or getting it back. They really know what they are talking about and I got a real genuine feeling all round - Dmy Y, UK

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Why Choose Motivelectronics


With a focus on quality, we've built a reputation for solving the most difficult challenges with repairs that last.

Vehicle electronics is a complex problem space, so we’ve assembled a brilliant team to meet your needs. Qualified, experienced engineers working with stare-of-the art equipment. We’ve baked-in customer care into every aspect of Motivelectronics. You’ll find us friendly, approachable and responsive, delivering a first-class experience.

You can see examples of our work here.

We’ll keep you up to date with the status of your order, often with photos and videos… 100% transparency throughout. There are many ways for you to get in touch with us too, these are at the top and bottom of every page on our website.


If something goes wrong, which is rare but life is unpredictable, we’ll always do our utmost to make it right.

We’ve succeeded with challenges others have shunned, from mainstream brands all the way up to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Our approach is to look after you mixed with a tenacious ‘we won’t be beaten’ attitude. We want you (or your customers) to continue enjoying your car without the drama!

Photos shared with a customer who asked us to repair a completely non-functioning Ferrari 599 instrument cluster. A new replacement was quoted at over £5,000. Diagnosis, repair and test for this 'one off' was £500.





Over 80% of our customers come on board through recommendation with many leaving us glowing reviews. We want you to be our next 5* reviewer.

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Why repair and not replace?

I asked an experienced main-dealer technician, ‘what percentage of faults are related to vehicle electronics?’ He replied ‘over 70%’. Repairing electronic control modules is often far cheaper and less disruptive than sourcing a new or good-used part. In some cases, replacements are no longer available leaving repair as the only option.

Can everything be repaired?

Most electronic modules can be repaired but in a minority of cases, it’s not economical. The damage may be too extensive to correct, parts may not be available or the time to diagnose and repair may render the repairs too expensive.

Every service we list on our website is something we’ve done before. We know how. We have the experience. We have the tools. We add to our store when a customer asks us to repair something we’ve not previously seen or where we come across a pervasive problem. We invest our time, our expertise and secure the tools needed to add this to our repertoire.


If you don't see your need listed on our website please get in touch. We'll do our best to help. Even if we are unable to repair or supply what you need we'll share our experience and recommend next steps for you.

Sean C Blencowe,


Managing Director

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Welcome and thanks for visitng Motivelectronics.


My entire career has been rooted in engineering both as an embedded computer systems designer and as an innovator. I've been developing and deploying technology solutions at a global level for over 30 years.

I've had a life-long love for sports cars, not just driving them but rebuilding and tuning them. I was that youngster with engine parts in mum's kitchen sink! Not everyone shares this passion. Some of my family, friends and customers are in the A to B camp. I understand both perspectives.

I've lost count of how many cars I've owned, tuned and restored. My youngest son asked me a couple of weeks back. We reached over 25. Some of my favourites... Nissan 300ZX (x2), 200SX (x2), MR2 Turbo (x2), Mitsubishi GTO (x2), Escort RS Turbo, Sierra RS Cosworth, Audi TT(x2), S4 & S5 and a Ferrari 308GTS (which I wish I'd never sold). And then there was the modified 1994 Vauxhall Corsa, a first when a friend and I squeezed in a 2.5 V6 into that tiny hatchback! I love to share the knowledge I've amassed and draw on this as I shape Motive and help our customers.

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