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A high-quality repair service for your VAS6154 OBDII interface adaptor undertaken by our experienced engineers. Turnaround is 4 business days plus shipping. Please contact us if you’d prefer a ‘while-u-wait’ service or if you have any questions.


For each unit we recieve there is a Test & Diagnosis fee as listed in Repair Options (above the Add to Cart Button). For each unit we successgully repair and test, the full repair price will apply as listed in Repair Options. If you purchase the Test and Diagnoisis option for each unit we will get in touch when repairs are completed and email you an inavoice for the balance due. On receiving payment your VAS6154 units will be dispatched back to you via a next day service (majority of the U.K.)


Repair turnaround time is 5 business day from the day of receipt. Where we are unable to repair a unit the Test and Diagnosis fee only applies.


12 month warrenty, excludes damage caused by excessive mechanical stress.


Please click here for how to use our OBD2 tools repair service or get in touch if you have any questions.

ODIS VAS6154 OBDII adaptor repair service

PriceFrom £30.00
Excluding VAT
  • These VAS6154 units, supplied to dealers by the Volkswagen Group, sometimes fail in harsh workshop conditions. The global semi-conductor shortage has lead to difficulty in sourcing replacements despite these units being critical to vehicle technicians and workshop performance.


    We’ve repaired many of these units for Volkswagon Audi Group franchised dealers, restoring thier workshop capacity.


    We carefully test each unit after repair to ensure it initialiseses as it should and connects to a laptop correctly.

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