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A high-quality service to modify your VAS6154/4 OBDII interface cable, replacing the round metal connector at the laptop end with a standard USB Type A connector. Turnaround is 4 business days plus shipping. The cable is tested prior to return shipping.


If you would prefer to retain the circular connector, please see this repair option in our store.


The VW GroupVAS6154 OBDII VCI to ODIS laptops with the circular metal connectors often suffer from broken pins. The USB Type A connector does not have pins to break! In the event the cable is tugged it will disconnect from the PC rather than placing the cable under extreme stress. As usual with these cables, care must be taken not to disconnect them when a connected vehicle is undergoing a softwe update.


12 month warranty, excludes damage caused by excessive mechanical stress.


Please contact us if you have any questions or click here for how to use our OBD2 tools repair service.

ODIS VAS6154/4 OBDII cable USB modification service

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