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A high-quality repair service for your Mitsubishi GTO / 3000GT and Dodge Stealth that have a climate control panel the same as the one pictured (all global geographies).


Repairs include the often non-functioning display. Every unit is fully tested after repair to ensure it's 100% operational.


Our experienced engineers use industry proven methodolgies ensure the climate control panel repairs will last for many years to come.


Please click here for how to use our repair service or get in touch if you have any questions.

Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT Climate control panel repair service

SKU: RS00060
Excluding VAT

    We disassemble the climate control panel, remove the defective components, clean the printed circuit board, refit new components, clean and re-assemble the unit. Every unit is fully tested to ensure 100% functionality.

    Unlike many repairers, we remove the VFD display panel from the circuit board (see photo) as this is essential to effecting a high quality and durable repair. To date we have a 100% success rate refurbishing these control panels with around 1/3 for customers outside the UK.

    Please note we do note repair the manual climate controls nor the later units with an LCD display from around 1996 >.

    For anything else Mitsubishi GTO / 3000GT we recommend EvilEmpirePerformance.

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