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A high-quality repair service for your Ferrari Modena F360 engine ECU. This repair is ONLY for the 'clicking throttle body' fault. Turnaround is 3 business days plus shipping.


Note: The left side engine ECU controls the right side throttle body. The right side engine ECU controls the left side throttle body.


Please click here for how to use our repair service or get in touch if you have any questions.

Ferrari Modena F360 ECU repair service

SKU: RS00030
Excluding VAT

    An increasing numnber of these F360 ECUs are failing with a major sympton being a 'clicking throttle body'. This is an internal hardware failure that causes the ECU to get stuck in a loop trying to park the throttle body in its home poisition.

    These Bosch ME7.3H4 units do not employ a traditional PCB. The component wafers are directly bonded to a ceramic substrate (see the second photo) making repairs limited and very difficult. We have located the cause of the 'clicking throttle body' failure and have tested our fix with 100% success on 4 ECUs (both manual and F1 transmission cars).

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