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A high-quality repair service for your MK1 TT instrument cluster / dash clocks undertaken by our experienced engineers. Turnaround is 2 business days plus shipping. With every cluster we we repair, we;


1. Thoroughly test before and after repair


2. Re-solder >40 components that we know are trouble spots


3. Calibrate all 4 gauges


4. Clean gauge glass inside and out


Please contact us if you’d like a ‘while-u-wait’ service, if you'd like us to remove & refit your cluster or if you have any questions.


We’ve listed the most common repairs for you to choose from. If you’re unsure, please choose the 'Fault diagnosis and quotation' option. We thoroughly test and calibrate every cluster. If you've chosen the fault diagnosis option or we find anything unexpected we'll share our findings with you supported by photos and/or video. We'll do this prior undertaking additional work. If there is an additional payment due, we’ll email you an e-invoice with payment link.


There's space at the checkout for you to leave us notes. Please use this to describe any intermittent / random issues with your cluster or to provide us with additional instruction.


Please take a look here for how to use our service.


We serve customers globally. If you don’t see pricing in your local currency, please get in touch.


See us on the Parrott Brothers YouTube channel repairing a TT cluster.



Audi TT MK1 (8N) instrument cluster repair service

SKU: 0004
PriceFrom £45.00
Excluding VAT
  • The MK1 TT instrument cluster / dash clocks are well-known for failure of the central LCD display (driver information system). Our LCD repair includes a new high quality display panel.

    With most MK1 TTs being over 20 years old we are increasingly seeing a range of other issues. Mis-reading or non-functional gauges, backlights failed or flickering, complete cluster failure (only a few warning lights lit), random cluster shutdown (needles dropping, beeping, spurious errors) and parasitic battery drain. We can correct all of these faults.

    We test every cluster with our custom-built test system to confirm your reported faults and identify other defects that may be present. If we find anything unexpected we’ll share photos or videos of what we’ve found. If needed or at your request, we’ll hold a video call with you.

    All 4 gauges are calibrated and the gauge glass cleaned inside and out. We’ll get your cluster looking close to new!

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