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A high-quality repair service for your A6 (C5) instrument cluster / dash clocks undertaken by our experienced engineers. Turnaround is 2 business days plus shipping. Please contact us if you’d prefer a ‘while-u-wait’ service or if you have any questions.


The full cost of the service will vary based on the repairs required. The most common repair options can be chosen from the price options. Please be aware that pricing may vary depending on the nature of the repairs required so we recommend purchasing the 'Fault Diagnosis and Quotation' option. We will always contact you before commencing repair work.


Please click here for how to use our repair service or get in touch if you have any questions.

Audi A6 (C5) instrument cluster repair service

SKU: 0005
PriceFrom £45.00
Excluding VAT

    Prices range from £65 to £199 depending of the repairs needed. The price quoted if for replacement of the LCD driver information display in the centre of the cluster. These often fail over time with "dead pixels" making the display difficult to read.

    Please ensure your cluster is the same as that pictured, with the full height LCD display and 3 connectors on the rear of the cluster.

    Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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