A common failure on the MK1 Audi TT and the MK1 A3/S3 is the DIS (driver information system) digital display. Over time, rows of pixels fail making the display hard to read. These clusters also suffer from failing backlights and the fuel / temperature gauges.


We test the cluster to confirm reported faults. The unit is then disassembled, repaired with new parts as required and re-assembled. The unit is then fully tested.


IMPORTANT: The repair cost ranges from a minimum charge of £110 up to £180 dependant on the number of failures requiring repair. The minimum price is for replacement of the DIS digital display panel only.


When you order this repair the minimum charge will be debited from your chosen payment method. We will get in touch if further costs may be incurred before undertaking any additional work.


This repair comes with a 12 month 'normal use' warranty.

Repair Audi TT MK1 (8N) DIS pixel display replacement. Price from £99 to £165

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