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About Us

Driven by a passion for cars, empowered by over 30 years of electronics design experience. We're here to solve the electronics gremlins that so often spoil then enjoyment of much loved cars. 

The first generations of cars dependent on complex electronics hit the streets in the mid 1980's. Many of these cars, and those from the 90's and beyond are now appreciating classics.

We know it can very frustrating when the electronics systems in your car don't work as they should. It can be a big challenge to find the expert help needed to fully diagnose and correct a fault. This is where motivelectronics can help.


With a focus on 'modern classics', we're equipped to tackle issues that the manufacturer no longer has an interest in. Not only do we have the skills and equipment to make robust and effective repairs, we also have in-depth design-level engineering experience. We've brought all this together with proven skills in 'reverse engineering' circuit designs. This is the foundation needed to diagnose PCB level problems and engineer permanent solutions. In many cases the work we do exceeds the original design specifications, dramatically reducing the probability of a repeat failure.

Our passion for cars drives us to continually expand the range of electronics we repair and refurbish. Whether it's an engine ecu, a climate control panel, an instrument cluster or any other automotive control module, get it touch, We'll do whatever we can to help, and our advice is freely given. We want you to enjoy your car for every mile you spend behind the wheel!

Sean C Blencowe,



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Welcome to Motivelectronics.


Since my teenage years I've had a passion for cars and engineering. I've lost count of how many I've owned, tuned and restored... Nissan 300ZX (x2), 200SX (x2), Mitsubishi GTO (x2), Escort RS Turbo, Sierra RS Cosworth and couple of 80's Ferraris to name just a few.


My lifelong career has been rooted in engineering, an embedded systems designer and then enterprise IT... developing and deploying high tech systems at a global level for 30 years. In early 2021 I started diagnosing & refurbishing the climate control panel from the venerable Mitsubishi GTO. Since then we've continued to expand our range, even including marques such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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